In 1951 The Family of Mr. Jose & Celia Villanueva migrated from a small town called Santa Ines, Michoacán to Cordoba, Veracruz, were they established Licores Veracruz Liquor Distillery.


In 1976 The Family of Mr. Frank & Lyn Maestri moved from Hawaii to San Jose, California were they established Frank- Lin Distillers Ltd.


Second Generation

In 2008 Mr. Michael & Celia V. Maestri moved from Houston, Texas to Tequila Jalisco, were they established Destiladora del Valle de Tequila Distillery. Also known as “Casa Maestri” which is recognized as a one of the best Tequila producers in Mexico.


Third Generation

In 2008 Mr. Michael Maestri, granted Frank & Lindley Maestri, his shares from Frank – Lin Distillers Ltd.

In 1989 Mrs. Celia V. Maestri migrated from  Cordoba, Veracruz Mexico to Houston TX, were she established  Mexcor, Inc., (Liquor Importer and Wholesaler House). Today Mexcor, Inc. is owned by her eldest son Eduardo Morales.