Casa Maestri is the most awarded Tequila distillery in Mexico!


Yave Blanco (Gold)- 2020

Buendia Blanco (Silver)- 2020

Anteel Blanco Coconut Lime (Silver)- 2020

Anteel Reposado (Silver)- 2020

Casa del Valle Anejo (Silver)- 2020

Casa del Valle Blanco (Silver)- 2020

Los Sundays Coconut (Silver)- 2020

Miagave Anejo (Silver)- 2020

Yave Mango (Bronze)- 2020

Anteel Blanco (Bronze)- 2020

Miagave Reposado (Bronze)- 2020

Osadia Blanco (Bronze)- 2020

Los Sundays Reposado (Bronze)- 2020

Los Sundays Blanco (Bronze)- 2020

Agavales Anejo (Bronze)- 2020

Aguamiel Blanco (Silver)- 2019

21 Seeds Valencia Orange (Silver)- 2019

21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno (Silver)- 2019

21 Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus (Bronze)- 2019

Costa (Silver)- 2019

Los Sundays (Bronze)- 2019

Casa Maestri Flask Edition Vodka (Double Gold)- 2018

6 Degree Blanco (Gold)- 2018

6 Degree Reposado (Silver)- 2018

Identity Vodka (Silver)- 2018

Agave Boom (Silver)- 2018

Santera Blanco (Double Gold)- 2017

Santera Anejo (Silver)- 2017

Santera Reposado (Silver)- 2017

Contigo Blanco (Gold)- 2017

El Macho Anejo (Silver)- 2017

El Fumador Reposado (Bronze)- 2017

Serpiente Esplumada Anejo (Silver)- 2017

Serpiente Esplumada Blanco (Bronze)- 2017

Siempre Blanco (Bronze)- 2016

Identity Blanco (Gold)- 2016

Doña Celia Anejo (Gold)- 2016

Santera Blanco (Gold)- 2016

Santera Reposado (Silver)- 2016

Santera Anejo (Silver)- 2016

Abreojos Reposado (Silver)- 2016

Lone Star Blanco (Silver)- 2016

Abreojos Blanco (Best Tequila, Double Gold)- 2013

Los Azulejos Reposado (Gold)-2014

Los Azulejos Blanco (Gold)-2013

Los Azulejos Anejo (Double Gold)- 2013

Los Azulejos Anejo (Double Gold Packaging)- 2013

Muerto Tequila Reposado (Double Gold)- 2014

Muerto Tequila Reposado (Silver)- 2013

Muerto Tequila Reposado (Silver)- 2012

Muerto Tequila Anejo (Silver)-2015

Muerto Tequila Blanco (Silver)- 2013

Muerto Tequila Blanco (Silver)- 2012

Reserva MFM Anejo (Silver)- 2012

Reserva MFM Reposado (Silver)- 2012

Reserva Del Jaguar (Best of Show/Double Gold Packaging)- 2014

Sparkle Donkey Blanco (Silver)- 2014

Sparkle Donkey Reposado (Bronze)- 2014

Blu Reposado (Double Gold)- 2010

Blu Reposado (Silver)- 2014

Blu Reposado (Silver)- 2012

Apocalypto Reposado (Silver)- 2013

Uno Mas Anejo (Silver)- 2011

Uno Mas Blanco (Gold)- 2010

Agavales Gold (Silver)- 2010

Agavales Reposado (Silver)- 2010

Magave Blanco (Silver)- 2010


Agave Boom Blanco (Bronze)- 2021

Anteel Blanco (Double Gold)- 2021

Los Sundays Blanco (Silver)- 2021

Siempre Tequila Reposado (Double Gold)- 2021

Los Sundays Reposado (Gold)- 2021

Anteel Reposado (Platinum)- 2021

Siempre Tequila Anejo (Platinum)- 2021

The Pink Pig- (Platinum, Best of Class)- 2021

Identity Tequila (Silver)- 2021

Anteel Coconut Lime Tequila (Gold)- 2021

Los Sundays Coconut (Platinum)- 2021

Casa Maestri Extra Anejo Cristalino (Platinum & Innovation Award)- 2020

Tuyo Extra Anejo Cristalino (Platinum)- 2020

Buendia (Platinum)- 2020

Los Sundays Coconut (Platinum)- 2020

Tuyo Anejo Cristalino (Double gold)- 2020

Los Sundays Blanco (Double Gold)- 2020

Anteel Coconut Lime (Double Gold)- 2020

Antell Reposado (Double Gold)- 2020

Los Sundays Series Design (Gold)- 2020

Yave Blanco (Gold)- 2020

Los Sundays Reposado (Silver)- 2020

Yave Mango (Silver & Innovation Award)- 2020

21 Seeds Valencia Orange (Double Gold)- 2019

21 Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus (Gold)- 2019

Aguamiel Blanco (Bronze)- 2019

21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeno (Bronze)- 2019

Lovely Rita Silver (Double Gold)- 2018

Ghost (Silver)- 2018

Siempre Blanco (Platinum)- 2017

Siempre Blanco (Consumers Choice Award)- 2017

Flask Tequila Blanco Design (Platinum) – 2017

Chaquira Extra Anejo (Platinum)- 2016

Contigo Blanco (Platinum)- 2016

El Fumador Reposado (Platinum)- 2016

Identity Blanco (Gold)- 2016

Siempre Blanco (Silver)- 2016

Aeroplano Blanco (Gold)- 2014

Aeroplano Reposado (Gold)- 2014

Aeroplano Anejo (Platinum)- 2014

Aeroplano Extra Anejo (Gold)- 2014

Apocalytco Reposado (Platinum)- 2013

Apocalytco Reposado (Platinum)- 2012

Blue Iguana Reposado (Platinum)- 2013

Blue Iguana Reposado (Platinum)- 2012

Blue Iguana Blanco (Bronze)- 2013


Padrino de Mi Tierra Blanco (Gold/95 Points)

Padrino de Mi Tierra Anejo (Gold/95 Points)

Padrino de Mi Tierra Blanco (Gold/94 Points)

Don Sergio Reposado (Gold/94 Points)

Casa Maestri Flask Edition Blanco (Gold/93 Points)

Siempre Blanco (Gold/91 Points)

Identity Blanco (Gold/91 Points)

Don Sergio Blanco (Gold/91 Points)

Abreojos Blanco (Gold/91 Points)

El Padrino Extra Anejo (Silver/89 Points)

Don Sergio Anejo (Silver/89 Points)

Hot Donkey Cinnamon Reposado (Silver/87 Points)

Reserva de MFM Whisky (Bronze/80 Points)


Lovely Rita Blanco (Gold)- 2018


Don Loco Anejo (Double Gold)- 2015

Don Loco Reposado (Double Gold/Design)- 2015

Don Loco Reposado (Gold)- 2015

Don Loco Blanco (Silver)- 2015

Don Loco Anejo (Bronze) – 2014

Don Loco Blanco (Silver)- 2014

Don Loco Reposado (Gold)- 2014


Jenni Rivera Blanco (Best in Class)- 2014

 Jenni Rivera Reposado (Best in Class)- 2014

 Jenni Rivera Anejo (Gold)- 2014

Muerto Reposado (Gold)- 2014

Muerto Anejo (Gold)- 2014

Muerto Blanco (Bronze)- 2014

Muerto Reposado (Best in Class)- 2012

Lovely Rita Blanco Tequila (Gold Medal)- 2017


Agavales Reposado (Double Gold/Best Reposado)- 2013


21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila (Double Gold, Best in Show)- 2019

India Bella Anejo Cristalino (Double Gold, Best in Show)- 2019

21 Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus Tequila (Gold)- 2019

India Bella Anejo (Gold)- 2019

Round Trip Raicilla (Gold)- 2019

Flask Vodka (Silver)- 2019

Flask Tequila (Silver)- 2019

Flask Whisky (Silver)- 2019

21 Seeds Cucumber Jalapeño (Silver)- 2019

Flask Whisky (Reserva de MFM) (Gold)- 2017

Flask Tequila (Casa Maestri (Silver)- 2017

Doña Celia Anejo (Best Anejo Tequila, Best in Show & Double Gold)- 2016

Doña Celia Reposado (Double Gold)- 2016

Doña Celia Blanco (Silver)- 2016

Identity Blanco (Silver)- 2016

6 Degrees Reposado (Best Tequila, Best in Show & Double Gold)- 2016

6 Degrees Blanco (Best Blanco Tequila, Best in Show & Double Gold)- 2016

6 Degrees Blanco (Gold)- 2016

Skelly Anejo (Best Tequila/Double Gold/Best Anejo)- 2015

Reserva Del Jaguar Reposado (Silver)- 2015

Agavales Blanco (Silver)- 2015

Pavoneo Blanco (Silver)- 2014

Pavoneo Anejo (Best of Show/Double Gold)- 2013

Pavoneo Blanco (Silver)- 2013

Caballo Estrella Anejo (Gold)- 2012

Caballo Estrella Reposado (Gold)- 2012

Agavales Reposado (Silver)- 2012

Agavales Gold (Silver)- 2012


Chimayo Reposado (Best of Show)- 2014


Agavales Reposado (Best of the Best/Best Reposado)- 2012

Blue Iguana Silver (Best of the Best)- 2012

Blue Iguana Reposado (Best of the Best)- 2012

Abreojos Blanco (Best Lowland Blanco)- 2012


Miagave Blanco (Gold)- 2021

Agavales Blanco Tequila (Silver)- 2019

Casa Maestri Flask Blanco Tequila (Silver)- 2018

General Diaz Blanco Tequila (Silver)- 2018

Dona Celia Blanco Tequila (Silver)- 2018


Agavales Reposado (Triple Gold)- 2014


Aguamiel Blanco (Bronze)- 2019


Reserve de MFM Reposado (Silver)- 2019

Reserve de MFM Añejo (Silver)- 2019


Vivir Blanco (1 Gold Stars)- 2019

Vivir Reposado (1 Gold Stars)- 2019

Vivir Anejo (2 Gold Stars)- 2019


Izo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino (Gold medal)- 2021

Izo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino (TEQUILA OF THE YEAR)- 2021

Izo Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino (Best in show)- 2021