A legacy worth preserving: Casa Maestri's History

Today we would like to tell you a very special story. Anyone who asks us the origin of our still is surprised at the true motivations behind it. This story has two points of view, two origins, and two protagonists. If we see it from the side that she was born in Mexico, we must accompany Celia Villanueva on her journey. Her parents Celia Barragán and José Villanueva moved from their native Michoacán to Veracruz to buy a small liquor company called "La Lupita" to transform it into one of the largest export and quality liquor companies in Mexico. Today we know it as "Licores Veracruz".

Of all the children of the Villanueva Barragán couple, Celia always showed a main interest in the family business. Celia also demonstrated great artistic and creative gifts and great sales skills that to date have helped her with the development of Casa Maestri. Her great determination and multiple talents led Celia to migrate to the United States more than 30 years ago. And this is where the stories merge. At a large wine and spirits convention in the United States, Celia met Michael, the other protagonist of our story.

Mr. Jose Villanueva and Mrs. Celia Barragán de Villanueva (Left)

Mrs. Lyn Maestri and Mr. Frank Maestri (Right)

Michael is the son of Frank and Lynn Maestri, who also owned a huge company dedicated to the distribution of wines and spirits in the United States: Frank-Lin Distillers. He also grew up surrounded by processes, quality and brands of many spirits, and developed leadership, knowledge in economics, planning and marketing skills.

When Celia and Michael met, they knew immediately that they not only shared great chemistry and excellent conversation, but also shared a common dream and parallel/similar lives but lived in two different countries.

The rest is history. Magic and chemistry did their job. Celia and Michael got married in the Vatican City in Rome, Italy, surrounded by their relatives, music and an environment full of art and magic. They both joined their lives with the premise not only to love each other, but also to continue fighting for their dreams regardless of the cost. This dream materialized in 2012, and today it is the company with the largest number of exports of tequila brands in the world, as well as the most awarded in all of Mexico: Casa Maestri.

The Maestri-Villanueva couple got married in The Vatican, in Rome.

We are proud to tell this story to each person who shows interest in knowing the origin of our company, since we are the example that everything that is done with love and motivations beyond money, will eventually give excellent results. Today the legacy of Celia and Michael continues in their own children, men and women of good, entirely dedicated to pursuing their dreams and preserving the legacy of their parents and grandparents.


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