Casa Maestri’s Father’s Day gift guide

Father's Day is approaching, and we don't want to miss the opportunity to celebrate it as it deserves. Much of the influence and love for spirits that we all have is instilled by our father. Anyone can surely remember with nostalgia at some point in their childhood seeing his/her father sitting reading something and drinking his favorite spirit. That cannot be forgotten.

And it is for this same reason that today we want to give you five options so you can give a very beautiful gift to your tequila-loving dad on his day.

1. Reserva de MFM Añejo + A special Tequila tasting glass.

A delicious aged tequila deserves to be tasted with premium glasses. Not just any shot glass or simple glass is good for tasting all the exquisite tasting notes of anise, wood, cooked agave and vanilla that this tequila has.

  • Buy Reserva de MFM here

  • Buy the glass here

2. Flask Spirits Blanco Tequila Flask + Mixology travel tools and bag.

For your greatest adventure companion. Our Blanco tequila in a Flask is delicious. A very versatile profile to drink alone, or to mix with your favorite ingredients. Enjoy a picnic, a day at the beach, or a beautiful a campfire while you prepare amazing cocktails with your dad.

  • Buy your Flask Spirits flask here

  • Buy your bartender travel bag here

3. Identity Tequila Reposado + Pride shot glasses

Love is love, and dad will always be dad. How convenient that both Father's day and Pride holidays are celebrated in June, right? Show him your love and admiration with this Identity tequila kit and these awesome rainbow shot glasses.

  • Buy Identity Reposado here

  • Buy the shot glasses here

4. Doña Celia Tequila Añejo + Diego Rivera's Canvas Artwork

If your dad apart from loving tequila, is also a lover of art, Mexican culture and one of the most iconic painters in the world, we have the ideal gift for you.

Our Doña Celia Blanco Tequila is ideal for its delicious content and the piece of art and Mexican heritage it represents. In combination with this print of "La Catrina" by Diego Rivera, it will make an unforgettable gift.

  • Buy Doña Celia Tequila blanco here

  • Buy Diego Rivera's Painting of La Catrina here

5. The ultimate HIGH-END gift: Reserva de MFM 10th Anniversary Edition

Okay, we get it. This gift is way out of the usual and traditional... but there's only one dad and he deserves everything, right? This acrylic case, with its sensory kit and delicious, off-planet extra-añejo tequila, is for the cultured, connoisseur dad who appreciates luxurious, handcrafted spirits. Don't miss out on his surprised face, his eternal gratitude and the opportunity to give the gift that he will love the most.

  • Buy Casa Maestri's Reserva de MFM Extra Añejo here

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