Casa Maestri's Tequila Basics Vol. VIII: "No cloudiness in my tequila, please"

When we drink tequila, most of us know what we want, we know what to expect from that moment. A delicious taste in the mouth, varied and rich aromas in the nose, as well as a feeling of warmth in the throat. However, something that is not expected to see are solid elements in the liquid that you are about to ingest, much less that it seems cloudy and does not have a crystalline appearance.

Casa Maestri's flagship brand: Reserva de MFM (Añejo)

When tequila began to revolutionize the spirits market and had a worldwide boom, many things began to get complicated. As you may know, tequila can only be produced in 181 municipalities in Mexico. In these 5 states, something wonderful exists in common: warm weather that does not vary too much.

So, when tequila began to be exported to other countries, with climates very different from those of its states of origin, the tequilas managed to arrive intact to their place of origin, but it seemed as if the liquid inside had been changed on the way. Bottles with milky liquids, floating solids and layers of blue to the surface of the bottle were just one of the flaws that consumers began to notice.

In our laboratory, the quality of Casa Maestri's Tequilas is tested

This was because the fatty acids containing aroma and flavor components, called esters, had solidified in freezing temperatures, and also, the blue tint came from the copper alambiques in which traditional tequilas were made.

For this and many other issues, the tequila industry had to come up with a quick solution to satisfy its foreign consumers: Implementing several filtration methods for tequilas. Producers also often use filtration methods that can also enhance the texture and create shine in the tequila.

TUYO Tequila, Casa Maestri's multiple times awarded cristalino line

Tequila, unlike vodka, is not valued for its neutrality, but for its hints of flavor and fat that it obtains from its natural process. That is why filtration is a process that must be done with measure and care, to avoid diminishing the properties of the tequila that took a long time to develop.


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