Casa Maestri's Tequila Basics Vol. X: "Bottling perfection"

We finally open the barrels after what seems like an eternity: the reposados ​​look incredible, the smell of the old ones invades the atmosphere, the extra old ones bathe the palate in glory.

The process is over and it only remains to bottle the perfection of a job well done and pack it so that it reaches its destination safely.

There are different shapes of bottles, different caps, different corks and different types of bottle labels, but one thing they have in common: the quality of all must be impeccable so that it reaches the consumer in the best conditions.

Bottle filling

In the Casa Maestri bottling process, we not only take care of filling the bottles with the best quality tequila, but all the elements that make up the packaging go through different tests to guarantee excellence.

A clear example of the challenges that are experienced in the packaging area every day, is to face the new bottle designs that the market requests. Packing lots of cylindrical and classic tequila bottles may no longer be a chore, but packing an irregularly shaped one is for sure. That's why, the bottling and packaging job is called "artisanal hand work".

The right type of boxes, the perfect crystal or plastic bottles, international standard packaging and many hands are required for the entire process. Starting by putting the bottles in a machine that washes, then fills and finally closes them under pressure with their different caps or lids.

The bottles must then undergo visual inspection by a supervisor; By looking at the bottle through a special and very bright light, this person will be able to tell if the tequila comes with a defect/solid or if it's good to go.

One of Casa Maestri's supervisors, checking the crystalline appearance of this tequila

All of this is done with each bottle and finally arrives at labeling, ready to add the last details of the packaging. All labels must be placed at the same height in all bottles, with precision and care.

The bottles are put in boxes with protective plastic material, they are wrapped once sealed and finally they are ready to be transported all around the world.

Labeling bottles at Casa Maestri Distillery

This whole process that we witnessed is the magic behind the spirit drink that you have in your personal cabinet. There is much more to consider when drinking and appreciating tequila, and we hope that "Tequila Basics" has been of help to you.


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