Know your tequila: How can I find the perfect tequila for me?

Good tequila deserves to be sipped alone. Period. We are in the middle of 2021 and we still come across people who comment that tequila is too strong, too bitter and that they only know how to drink it in shots; fast, abrupt and with huge amounts of lemon and salt to finish.

Although this way of drinking tequila was popular for years in Mexico (his country of origin) and thus was carried to many parts of the world, currently there are tequilas with profiles and flavors so unique that taking them in a hurry and with lemon, would be a total waste.

One of the most notorious wonders of tequila is its versatility to be able to be mixed in delicious cocktails or drunk alone, when it is of good quality.

Here we give you a couple of infallible tips to identify and buy a tequila that makes you fall in love completely!

1. Research the NOM

The nomenclature is essential for the control and care of the brands that produce spirits in Mexico. When a distillery house produces and registers many brands in its name, it will be easy for you to find many reviews and opinions regarding their products. Base yourself on the opinions and searches of other clients that can serve you. An award-winning and world-renowned distiller (such as Casa Maestri, which is the most awarded distiller in all of Mexico) can serve as a good point of reference.

Look for the NOM. This is Casa Maestri's NOM: 1438.

2. Define a budget

While it is undeniable that all the lousy tequilas on the market are characterized by being cheap, good tequilas do not necessarily have to be very expensive. The ratings and reviews we mentioned above will help you define what kind of tequila is much better for you. The value for money will surprise you when trying new brands.

3. Look for "100% Agave" on the label

Tequila is delicious, whether it's 100% agave or not. The difference is that, what is only called "tequila" can contain sugars derived from other ingredients (cane for example), while 100% agave guarantees you the full experience of the heart and sugar of blue webber tequilana. This will help you have delicious tasting experiences every time.

Reserva de MFM's 100% de agave inscription

4. Profiles and tasting notes are not just there

Just as you can define your favorite cake flavor by the sweet, chocolate or bitter notes it has, the profile of your tequila can also be chosen according to its ideal flavor notes. Due to the aging, the different barrels and the treatment that each distiller gives to its tequilas, you can investigate and decide which tequila to try based on its flavor notes. When you go to your favorite liquor store, look out for the shelf talkers where tasting notes are, if you can't find one, ask an employee for more information about the tequila you want to buy.

These are the tasting notes in our Reserva de MFM Añejo shelf talker.

Flavor and great experience guaranteed.

5. Don't be afraid of cristalinos

Cristalino tequilas are a boom in the industry, but many are wary of their aged taste and water appearance. Not necessarily because a tequila is a cristalino, it means that it will be cheap, diluted or artificial. Give yourself the opportunity to taste a premium crystalline tequila so you can change your mind.

TUYO Tequila Cristalino line, one of our most awarded brands at Casa Maestri

Finally, we recommend giving each tequila you buy a tasting opportunity. Only by concentrating and taking the time to smell, breathe and savor each PURE sip of the tequila, will you be able to make a concise and fair verdict. Not just by having it once at a party mixed in a cocktail...

Enjoy your experience with tequila! At Casa Maestri we are committed to creating delicious tequilas for all market segments.

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