Our tequilas featured in media: PART I

We're filled with pride every time we have the opportunity to read or watch an article or video where our tequilas are featured. The quality of the house brands speaks for itself, even in the innovation of the bottles and brands.

Next we want to show you a couple of articles where our tequilas were mentioned, which fill us with happiness:

1) This FORBES article where TUYO Tequila, world's first line of cristalinos is mentioned for its purity, its taste and unique process:

Cristalino Tequila: Get Ready for a Whole New Type Of Tequila

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2) This section on Bloomberg, where Justin Ocean reports on Mexico’s fastest-growing tequila category, "Cristalino", on “Quicktake Charge”, featuring TUYO Tequila again.

Tequila Makers Get Creative With Premium Cristalino Style

Click on the image to watch the show section

3) This article with the best cocktail recipes from Mexico's finest distilleries in The NOPO. TUYO Tequila and Reserva de MFM are both featured here!

Best Cocktail Recipes from Mexico’s Finest Tequila Distilleries

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4) And what about that time Crystal Kung Minkoff received a gorgeous bottle of our Doña Celia Tequila from Sutton Stracke in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?


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