Casa Maestri's Tequila Basics Vol II: "The ancient legend of the creation of tequila"

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

This ancient story is part of the origins and inspiration of how Casa Maestri got into the tequila manufacturing.

In the sky of what now is the magical town of Tequila, Jalisco, lived Mayahuel, a young virgin goddess with a very beautiful appearance who, within her, possessed a plant that could provide food, drink and other benefits to the first inhabitants of the area. Sadly for the young Goddess, she was imprisoned under the curse of her grandmother, who was one of the mexica star/demons known as Tzitzimitl / Tzitzimimes.

Ancient illustrations of the Tzitzimimes. Mexica demon / stars designed to fight the light of the sun every dawn.

Quetzalcóatl, when transformed into Cosmic Wind, was named Ehécatl. In one of his trips through Jalisco lands, he fell in love with the beautiful Mayahuel. After several days observing her and loving her in secret, one night Quetzalcóatl-Ehécatl decided to sneak among the stars to convince her to escape to Earth with him, distribute their kindness among mortals and love each other eternally. She accepted and that same night she ran away with him.

In order to be together and hide from the evil grandmother, they turned into a two-branched tree. These intertwined branches were a symbol of their strong and unbreakable love.

Visual representation of Mayahuel (left) and Quetzalcóatl - Ehécatl

However, Mayahuel's grandmother noticed her absence that same night and gathered other Tzitzimimes to come down to earth to find the lovers. They did not take long, and after finding the tree, she smashed the branch in which the beautiful girl was hiding and the pieces of Mayahuel were distributed among the other Tzitzimimes, who devoured her in an instant.

Ehécatl, devastated, collected the few remains of his beloved goddess to bury them. Soon after, in that precise place the first agave plant was born, which spread its roots and filled the fields with the characteristic bluish-green plant.

One rainy afternoon, the gods found out the forbidden affair of Ehécatl and Mayahuel, and unleashed their anger to earth. Throwing rays, lightning bolts and deafening thunders that illuminated all roads in the earth, some lightnings fell straight into the hearts of the agave plants and burned them. The cooked agave hearts gave off a honey-like sweet aroma. The indigenous people of the area, frightened by the noise and the smell of the burnt land, approached the sacred plants and did not hesitate to taste the honeys that came from them. It was thus that they discovered that it was not only a beautiful and elegant plant, but that they could obtain from it many goods for their people.

That, as mentioned above, was one of the main objectives of Ehécatl - Quetzalcoatl when proposing their union with Mayahuel. He, kind in his role as civilizing God for humanity, wanted to use the power of the plant that Mayahuel possessed to provide an inexhaustible source not only of liquors (mainly pulque), but of infinite utilities that would help fill the daily life food (mead, honey, vinegar, mixiotes, flowers), clothing (blankets and ixtle cords, needles and thread for sewing) and housing needs (bowls, containers, logs, tiles and quiotes for pilasters), as well as paper for the codices.

Beautiful mural painting in Tequila, Jalisco, which explains the legend, the process of making tequila and also shows how the town has developed thanks to this spirit.

At Casa Maestri when we say tequila must be the most expensive and luxurious drink in the world, we have many reasons to back it up. First of all, any agave plant that wants to be used for creating tequila, must be a certain kind (Blue Tequilana Weber) and age, sometimes more than 1o years old; so you have to wait a lot of time to harvest and cut the piña to cook it.

Second, we believe only few spirits in this world are as connected and sacred to its people like tequila is; like we mentioned above, a legend about romance, heritage, kindness and love to humanity is involved in the making of this drink. And third, the denomination of origin protects our lands and the drink itself; only few states/ municipalities can produce this spirit and call it true "tequila", what makes it so special.

Our company proudly carries the legend of tequila and honors it with its processes, products and passion. At the end of the day, Mayahuel is not only considered the Goddess of agave, but also of fertility and bonanza, for all the benefits that she offers to us. More than 150 families eat and grow from the tequila that we produce and the artisan work that we put into all our brands. This makes a perfect circle of union between the sacred, the sense of community, the history of a nation and the passion for a spirit drink.


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